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Diolch is a welsh word and means 'Thank you'.


Though our family is from Finland we adore the UK's old sheepdog culture and especially Wales is very close to our hearts, so the prefix shows our love and respect to both sheepdogs and Wales.


                                                                          OUR LITTLE FAMILY

We are a small family spreaded around the world.
Anja and Samu live in Finland where we are from, Anja currently in Lieto and Samu in Sipoo, and Jessica lives in Cumbria, England.

Anja, has been competing in agility since 1996, started with the shelties Pipsa and Minttu. Minttu became two times Finnish Champion and won the team World Champion 2001. Pipsa won the Nordic Championship twice.
In 2006 Anja bought her first border collie Grim and was succesful with her with numerous wins over the years, but it was with the 2yo bc Pray that she was in the Finnish Agility World Championships team in 2010 and became second on the jumping course in Rieden. And around that time the transform from agility to the world of sheep and sheepdogs had already started and there is no turning back.

Anja's first contact with sheep was 2006 with bc puppy Sin, but it took a couple years before proper training started because there was not an opportunity to work sheep anywhere in the Southern Finland if you were not a farmer.
In 2009 we got our summersheep for the first time. After that Anja got more into it, and in autumn 2010 bought Kemi Rhys as a pup from Kevin Evans. That same summer, we got to know Samuli Näri in Rönnäs, who allowed us to help him on his farm with his ewes and train. We have also arranged a couple of clinics there with Kevin Evans, and trials. After Rhy, also two of his sons, BB Coel and Kemi Rhemy, have joined Anja's pack. And there are surely more to join.

Since 2014 Anja has had the opportunity to go to UK for lambing and hopefully the following years to come too.

Jessica has followed her mother's footsteps since she was 12 y. She started competing agility with her feisty poodle Marlo 2002, unfortenately he got epilepsy so he was not allowed to trial anymore because the medication is considered as doping. After that she has competed with kromforhländer Qita for a short time, and later with the bordercollies Sin and Pray and a few times with also Rhy.
Also Jessica got into the farm work more and more and started in her first sheepdog trial with Sin 2012. That same year Walk On Dewr came from Sweden and is Jessica's first own trained sheepdog, for farmwork and trialling. December 2013 our
Rhy x Meg litter was born and Jess kept Diolch Merc to herself, in 2016 Sango Gannon flew from Scotland, and 2016 after Dew's fatal accident two of his ofspring joined Jessica's pack, hoping to have little bit of their sire's magic in them.
Jessica went to UK for lambing first time spring 2015, went back the following year but this time she did not come back, and now lives in UK working as a contract shepherd.


Samu has been with us to the trials and clinics a few times to play with the other kids, so he has been around sheepdogs and sheep since he was little. In 2013 he attended a few days sheep herding clinic to young handlers with Sin, and has also done a little training with her.


Basically the little Sin has tought our whole family.


You can contact us with email:  dewrbc ( at ) gmail . com

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